Robin Hood

January 13th, 2008



This is one of my toughest quiver jobs I have had to date. The design cutout weakened the quiver so much that it would swing from side to side. Had to make a wire back up system and sandwich it with leather sewed together to give it strength. Also wanted to be able to load and unload this quiver easily. This quiver has a spring loaded bar that arrows can be loaded and unloaded with ease. This was my first attempt to tool a quiver. Hand laced the bottom and machine stitching around the quiver openings and lined with bear fur I got from a friend( Thanks Tulsa) . Bought the cross concho at a flea market.This picture also has my Fedora 560 recurve bow made from Tiger Ash and a matching arm-guard. Arrows were a prized gift from Lost in the Woods.(Quiver name: Robin-Hood)

The J.P.Stalker

January 12th, 2008


This quiver was inspired by a  friend of mine named  Jimmy Powell. He said that he would like to have a stalking side quiver for out west. A quiver  that would hold the arrows spaced and not rattle around when stalking also safe for broadheads with  and easy arrow removal design. This quiver design was my attempt to meet those needs. It has foam for broad-heads in the bottom that is extra deep for safety. The top of the quiver is held open by  a metal band sandwiched between 2 types of leather. This allow-es you to release and lift up the arrows that are held in place by a rubber arrow holder used on most on bow quivers.  (Quiver name: J.P. Stalker)


Hot Pocket

January 10th, 2008


Well this is  one handy little quiver. I designed this one so the long outside flap goes over your jean pocket. It also has a metal belt style clip on the inside flap behind the cross chonco. This makes sure that the quiver will not pull out of your pocket. Quiver name ( Hot Pocket)

Updated Picture: Pocket Quiver in action.


Sweet Coyote Dog

December 30th, 2007


Fur top quiver. Used a bow kill Coyote hide (Thanks Talsa). Hand laced and machine stitched. On this quiver I used two types of leather added coyote paw prints along the strap with a new strap design. Custom shafts by Lost in the Woods. Custom Babcock Bone handle knife. Short bill hat I had to make. Couldn’t find one with a bill short enough for me. (Quiver name:Sweet Coyote Dog)

Update: Different angle pictures.