Well this one is for my good friend Randy Irvine who is recovering from a fall and a shattered ankle. This is probably the last quiver project I will do other then myself and my grandsons. He is a world class shooter winning many titles. He hopes to win the world this year and I hope this quiver helps him carry the winning arrows. Enjoy and may God help heal you and bless you on your quest!!

African Sable Belt and Quiver

January 3rd, 2011

Well this project started with a friend asking me if I could use what was left of his African Sable Cape. I said sure and thought this project would be fun and  become my  Christmas present  for the  year. Well here it is belt with inlay of Sable also on the front of the quiver. This is my first attempt of painting on leather. Painting the Sable and tooling it into the leather was a challenge because of my limited painting skill. Enjoy and Have a great Year!!!!!


August 15th, 2010

Well it is new project time again.I have been working on a new longbow project this week (pics to come later). Suddenly during the night  I woke up  and had this design pop into my head about 3AM in the morning. Funny how those things work sometimes. So what do real crazy men do. Well they get  up and go to there MAN CAVE!!! and design a new side quiver. So after putting the thing to paper and layout and cut I preceded to BLACK BETTY to sew her up ( That’s the name of one of my sewing machines) and the rest is history. Guess What? I just had  a thought pop into my head as I am writing this down. I just got inspired again to make a knife and matching sheath to complement the quiver. You never know even a zebra inlay belt. Well back to the MAN CAVE  for more stuff.  Hope you enjoy the pics and that this project inspires you to make your own quiver someday. A friend told me  when he saw the quiver pics that UNCLE TED would be proud of that quiver!  Have a great week !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tooled Side Quiver & Armguard

November 9th, 2009


Well out with the old and in with the new. My old side quiver went to my brother inlaw with a longbow I built him. So here is my new design tooled side quiver for myself.  Yes I had to design a matching  armguard while I was at it.  Also the longbow in the picture I built  with the help  of  my bow building  friend  Jimmy Powell.  The bow is made of Bocote,Curly Maple,Osage ,and Walnut. Hope you enjoy the pictures.