Leather Stiching Horse

April 8th, 2008



Well what a fun project to work on with my uncle, Bill Welch. He did all the wood work and I made some of the hardware. Thanks for all the time and hard work to make this stitching horse for me. When I am trying to stitch leather, I have a heck of a time holding on to it. When I saw a  picture of a small, simple wood tool to hold  leather, I started wondering what was out there to use? My search ended when I found a fellow selling plans on eBay to make a stitching horse from a very old set of prints.    I purchased the plans and my uncle modified them this to suit my needs and well here it is. He used curly maple for the seat and the clamping arms, with walnut hole plugs to conceal and accent the screw holes. I made the leather belting to pull the clamping arms together.   The  end result is not only highly functional, but will become a beautiful piece of  woodwork to be handed down in our family.    Uncle Bill , thanks again for the all the hard work, sweat and time you put into making this leather crafting tool for me.  I will think of you when I am using it and the great time we had working on this project.